Materials of the International scientific and practical conference "Scientific ensuring of horticulture, viticulture and winemaking in the import substitution aspect" devoted to the 85 anniversary of Institute foundation (on September 6-9, 2016) are presented in the collection of scientific works. The concept of increase in stability of ampelocenoses under the conditions of display of abiotic and biotic stresses is submitted. The special attention is paid to breeding improvement of grapes varieties in the import substitution aspect and to replenishment of assortment by adaptive, highly productive and technological domestic varieties. The questions of influence on vineyards productivity of ways of formation, pruning and rationing of bushes load and the complex fertilizers and the methods of protection of vineyards are considered. The attention is focused on problems of competitiveness of the Russian wines and development of new technologies for replacement of import production and restoration of own production of the auxiliary materials used in winemaking.
The edition is intended for employees and graduate students of scientific institutions, and teachers and students of the highest educational institutions of agricultural and biological profile and specialists in the field of horticulture and viticulture.

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