летний сорт яблони Ермак

The variety is selected in 1996 in the Melba's production plantings in the Stavropol Region.
The ripening data is in the middle of July. A variety has a good adaptability under the conditions of the Stavropol Region and Krasnodar Region. A tree on a low growing rootstock reached the height of 1,7 m to the 4th year, its crown has a round form. The trees are affected by scab to 2 points. They enter into fruitage on 2-3 year: in the primary period of fruitage the crop capacity was 6 t/hectare.
The fruits are the round or round-flat form (as Melba's fruits) and middle size.
The average mass of a fruit is 110 g (maximum – 130 g), taste is pleasant, sour-sweet. The fruits are stored for 2 months, the transportability is good.

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