Institute structure

  • Management of Research Works (MRW)

  • Functional scientific center of "Gardening"
  • Laboratory of reproduction management at the fruit agrical cenosis and ecosystems
  • Laboratory of processing and storage of fruits and berries
  • Functional scientific center of "Viticulture and Wine-making"
  • Scientific center "Viticulture"
  • Laboratory of reproduction management at ampelocenosis and ecosystems Scientific center of "Wine-making"
  • Laboratory of wine-making
  • Certification body COMPLEX PATTERNS SC of "Variety's study and breeding" 
  • Laboratory of variety's study and breeding of garden cultures
  • Laboratory of genetics and microbiology
  • Laboratory of breeding and variety's study and preservation of grapes gene pool SC of "Protection and biotechnology of plants"
  • Laboratory of protection of fruit and berry plants
  • Laboratory of grapes protection
  • Laboratory of virology SC of "Agrichemistry and soil science"
  • Laboratory of agrichemistry and soil improvement
  • Laboratory of soil ecology
  • Laboratory of nursery planting
  • CCU of "Instrumental and analytical"
  • Laboratory of physiology and biochemistry of plants
  • Project and technological bureau
  • Laboratory of economics

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